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About Eqlid Sugar Company

Eqlid Sugar Production and Industrial Co (Private Joint Stock) was established in 1966 on a 30-hectare land near the city of Eqlid in Fars Province. Test run production began in 1968 with an intake capacity of 60,000 tons of sugar beet.

Factory Location

Eqlid Sugar Co’s Fields of Activity
Since the establishment of factory in 1966, various pieces of land in different locations have been acquired and sugar beet has been cultivated in those lands as raw material for the factory.
More than 140 hectares of land around the factory have been allocated to cultivation of fruit trees like walnut, almond and apple and also damask rose has been planted on 20 hectares of land.
In recent years, due to the availability of livestock feed needed to raise light livestock, the factory has launched a livestock farm with a capacity of 600 sheep.
Since 2011 and ostrich farming unit has been developed on a part of a land owned by the factory with approximate area of 10 hectares.
The main activity of Eqlid Sugar Factory is the extraction of sugar from sugar beet, which is done in different stages by lime method.
Due to limitation of sugar beet production and cultivation during two seasons of spring and autumn, Eqlid Sugar Factory also refines raw sugar imported from other countries.
Due to great need of lime at different stages of sugar refining, at the beginning of operations, the required lime was purchased from mines in vicinity and over time the license was acquired by the company to utilize Chenar Gardaneh Lime Mine.
Company sells variety of its products to customers. High quality products such as white sugar, molasses and beet pulp are offered to customers. import of raw sugar, seeds and the required pesticides are amongst the other activities of Eqlid Sugar Co’s Commercial Department.

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