Introduction to Eqlid Sugar Complex

57 year and 4 month and 6 day

Since first day we started operations!

Average annual production of sugar in the world is 170 million tons, about 20% of which is extracted from sugar beet. Iran is ranked twelfth in the world for production of sugar from sugar beet. Eqlid Sugar Complex is handling a large portion of country’s sugar production with an intake capacity of 4,000 tons of sugar beet per day.

Mission and Vision


We are different. Our looks, our tastes and even our decisions. But we are committed to sweeten the taste of our customers with our sweet products and linger in their minds.

 missions : 
  • Being among the top 3 sugar producing brands in terms of product quality
  • The least environment pollution and commitment to sustainable development in all stages.
  • Increasing productivity in cultivation by scientific and practical empowerment of farmers
  • Reducing waste by concentration on production of byproducts