Introduction to Eqlid Sugar Complex

57 year and 3 month and 3 day

Since first day we started operations!

Average annual production of sugar in the world is 170 million tons, about 20% of which is extracted from sugar beet. Iran is ranked twelfth in the world for production of sugar from sugar beet. Eqlid Sugar Complex is handling a large portion of country’s sugar production with an intake capacity of 4,000 tons of sugar beet per day.

Company’s History

Eqlid Sugar Production and Industrial Co (Private Joint Stock) was established in 1966 on a 30-hectar piece of land near the city of Eqlid in Fars Province, Iran and after elaborate economic analysis in the field of production and extraction of sugar from sugar beet.

Factory specifications

The factory has sections: Beet depots, weighing and calibration, transmission line, production line, lime kiln, molasses tanks, steam turbines, raw material storage warehouses, produced sugar warehouse, equipment warehouse, seed warehouse, and office building is
The nominal daily consumption capacity of the factory is 1800 tons of beets and in each production season, it can receive about 180,000 tons
During the harvest season, the factory has the capacity to receive 4,000 tons of beets per day, of which about 1,800 tons are consumed and the rest is stored for future use
In order for the plant to be self-sufficient, the required electricity is supplied by existing steam turbines
Also, a mining unit has been equipped and set up for the extraction and extraction of limestone, which in addition to meeting the needs of the factory, part of its products are also sold
Also, more than 140 hectares of land around the factory is dedicated to the cultivation of fruitful clothes such as walnuts, almonds, apples, etc., which in addition to using the factory's excess water has led to the optimal use of agricultural land
With the aim of productivity of specialized manpower and time management, a building with 6 separate suites as a guest house has been considered for the accommodation of the factory guests and also 40 residential units have been created next to the factory for the benefit of the staff and managers
In order to make maximum use of the resources available to the factory, an ostrich breeding unit and a light livestock breeding unit were built on the owned lands, which is currently being exploited.

Eghlid sugar at a glance