Introduction to Eqlid Sugar Complex

57 year and 3 month and 3 day

Since first day we started operations!

Average annual production of sugar in the world is 170 million tons, about 20% of which is extracted from sugar beet. Iran is ranked twelfth in the world for production of sugar from sugar beet. Eqlid Sugar Complex is handling a large portion of country’s sugar production with an intake capacity of 4,000 tons of sugar beet per day.

Selected Development Projects

Eghlid Sugar Factory has designed development programs in various fields in order to further develop and continue its growing movement

Connecting the factory to the country's rail network

In order to increase the speed of transfer of raw materials to the factory and products to the consumer market and also reduce the cost of products, Eghlid Sugar Factory intends to construct its own railroad from Eqlid City Station to the factory and take an effective step to improve the supply chain by utilizing the rail fleet.


Increase production capacity

In order to be more productive, the factory managers intend to increase the production capacity of the factory from 1800 tons to 4000 tons per day, in this regard, the necessary measures are being taken to design and upgrade the production line

Construction of new warehouses and silos

According to the company's plans to increase production capacity, the construction of new and modern warehouses and silos for optimal and long-term storage of raw materials and products is inevitable

Production of new products

As the taste of consumers is changing and changing every day, the market research and development unit in Eghlid Sugar Factory is constantly evaluating and analyzing market information and designing new products needed by consumers, including programs such as sugar production. Brown with special features and production in various packages and different weights is one of the priorities for the development of factory products

Creating new production lines

According to the needs of the market, the company intends to produce various by-products such as animal feed, alcohol, etc., using molasses and sugar beet pulp extracted from its production process