Sugar production from beets

Eqlid Sugar Factory’s main field of activity is to extract sugar from sugar beet which is carried out in various following stages by using the lime method:

Receiving sugar beet from cultivation lands

Storage in silo and depot of received sugar beets

Washing and removal of clay from sugar beets

Transferring sugar beets to grinder and slicing section

Entering into extraction or diffusion machine

Separation of pulp and transfer to pressing machine

Removal of sediments and impurities

Absorption of impurities by lime particles and subsiding of lime in the juice

Warming of juice and passing through special filters

Decoloring of the juice

Further warming of the juice

Crystallization and transfer to centrifuge to extract sugar

Experts in Eqlid Sugar Factory are trying to produce a final product with high quality and fitting for market and customers of the sugar by improving the production quality at every stage


Refining raw sugar

Due to limitation of sugar beet production and cultivation during two seasons of spring and autumn, Eqlid Sugar Factory also refines raw sugar imported from other countries and by removing impurities and color pigments in raw sugar and reheating and crystallization it, produces raw sugar. Presently the factory refines 950 tons of raw sugar and produces white sugar from it.

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