Eqlid Sugar Production and Industrial Company

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Administrative Affairs

Create and complete personnel files
Archive of correspondence and personal documents
Establish communication and interaction with employees in order to solve their problems and needs within the framework of regulations and procedures in the organization
Carrying out administrative affairs related to the termination of staff cooperation
Prepare employment contracts for employees and follow up on their completion on time
All matters related to company insurance
Registration of all required personal information in the personnel system
Familiarity with the process of preparing employment contracts for new employees and renewing the contract before the expiration of the personnel contract

Skills required

Specialization and skills required in each orientation
Ability to communicate effectively with other levels of the organization
Challenging and interested in learning new concepts
Mood and desire to work in a team
Familiarity with related software and hardware
Ability to report performance


No matter

military service status

Permanent exemption or end of service card

At least a degree


Service location

Factory location - Eghlid Fars
Head Office - Tehran

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